Thursday, November 8, 2012

IPN Outreach Coordinator to serve as Midwest Representative for the National Association of GSA Networks


I am incredibly honored and excited to represent the Midwest states as a recently nominated member of the National Association of GSA Networks’ (NAGN) Steering Committee. The NAGN is coordinated by GSA Network in California and its goal is to support the growth of the GSA movement by connecting state and regional GSA networks. Iowa Pride Network has been a member of the NAGN since its inception in 2005 and I’m eager to both work within the Midwestern region and to provide input and direction for the National Association. 

The NAGN provides support to GSA organizations by coordinating monthly conference calls, organizing an annual National Gathering for staff and student representatives, and managing on online listserve where state organizations can communicate about the issues and needs of the GSA movement. Currently, there are 35 state organizations (+ Washington, DC) that are part of the National Network and as the Midwest Representative, I will be representing Iowa Pride Network, Wisconsin’s Gay Straight Alliance for Safe Schools (GSAFE), Illinois GSA Network, Ohio’s Kaleidoscope Youth Center, Missouri GSA Network, Minnesota’s Out for Good and the Indiana Youth Group

As the Midwest Representative, my role is as follows: I will participate in Steering Committee conference calls to provide ideas regarding the direction of and changes within the national network; I will offer input for the monthly NAGN conference call programming; I will help plan the National Gathering; I will coordinate among the Midwestern states; and finally, I will serve as the Chair of the Outreach & Expansion Committee. This committee will reach out to and recruit state GSA Networks that are not yet a part of the NAGN. As an organizer for National GSA Day, I am in a unique position to reach out to GSA Day partner organizations that have not yet joined the NAGN. With other members of this committee, I look forward to growing the National GSA Movement!

I will be taking many ideas and concerns to the National Association of GSA Networks, so please contact me if you would like to provide any input. I look forward to working with you and representing this great Midwestern Region! 


Dana Stuehling, Outreach Coordinator

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