Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prom Season: What LGBTQ Youth Need to Know

You might have heard what happened to Constance McMillen in Itawamba County, a school district in Mississippi.  The school shut down their prom because she wanted to bring her girlfriend and dress in a Tuxedo.  Know your legal rights during prom season!  Check out Lambda Legal's online resource.  

Prom season is fast approaching.  If you experience anything like Constance, please notify Iowa Pride Network or the ACLU of Iowa immediately! 

Iowa Pride Network: 515-471-8062 
ACLU of Iowa: 515-243-3576

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Jessica said...

Thanks for much for this, Ryan! I just read the article about Constance and was sickened by it. I hope that students in Iowa don't experience something like that.