Tuesday, January 18, 2011

5th Annual Iowa GSA Day set for 1-26-11

Taking place on high school and college campuses across Iowa!

What is Iowa Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Day?
Now in its fifth year, the goals of Iowa GSA Day are to:

• Honor GSAs around that state that work to end violence, homophobia and transphobia in Iowa schools and colleges.

• Honor students, teachers and community members that have shown dedication for keeping all students safe, and insuring a quality education for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

• Raise awareness of the need for GSAs in schools and colleges and how they are a proven, effective tool in combating hostile and unsafe learning environments for all students.

• Increase the visibility of the important bond between LGBT people and their straight friends and family.

For the most up-to-date information, and to register yourself or your GSA group, please visit Iowa Pride Network's website at: http://www.iowapridenetwork.org/

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

When is Iowa GSA Day and where is it held?
Iowa GSA Day will be held on Wednesday, January 26, 2011. Iowa GSA Day events will happen on high school and college campuses throughout the state.

How Do We Participate In Iowa GSA Day?
To participate, register your GSA with Iowa Pride Network at http://www.iowapridenetwork.org/ , click the “Iowa GSA Day” logo and fill out the form and describe what your GSA is planning to do and why your GSA is important to you. Each GSA across the state can design activities to fit their school or college based on our three main areas of focus:

 -- Make sure that people know your GSA exists and why.
 -- Make t-shirts.
 -- Make fliers and hand them out at lunch.
 -- Have a panel discussion or lead a staff training to discuss your GSA.
 -- Hold a GSA meeting where you bring your friends—just be visible and let people know why you love and appreciate your GSA and how
they can be involved!

 -- Do you have a fantastic GSA advisor? Do you have supportive teachers, administrators or community members?Let them know by giving them a card or thank-you note.
 -- Show appreciation for your group by discussing your group’s history.
Take the time to research your GSA’s history, or if you started it, write down your history and pass it on to new GSA leaders.
 -- Understanding and appreciating where you’ve been will help the group feel confident in creating change for the future!

Sit down with your GSA and plan for the future.
 -- What are your goals for the GSA?
 -- What do you want to accomplish? Do you want to increase attendance, improve programming, or make your school safer?
 -- Do you know who next year’s leaders will be?

Tell the world about all the great things your GSA is doing be creating a video—you can be as creative or simple as you want!!
 -- Create a short video
 -- Create a YouTube page and upload your video
 -- Send IPN the link to your video and we’ll post it on IPN’s website!
 -- Check out IPN’s website for more information on the video campaign

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