Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Maquoketa Student Creates "Gay is Okay Day"

MAQUOKETA, Iowa - A T-shirt is causing confusion at Maquoketa High School. It has the word “gay” on it- and administrators say they couldn’t tell if the shirt was making fun of or supporting gay rights.

Early last week Ali Lai wore a shirt to school that read “I Heart Lady Gay Gay.” Lai said, “I mean “gay” that’s not inappropriate. At least I don’t think it’s inappropriate. But it could catch the eye of some people and make them mumble a few words.”

He says the shirt is in reference to Pop Star Lady Gaga, who’s also an activist for gay rights.

The school’s Assistant Principal told Lai to change his shirt or turn it inside out. The Superintendent stands by that decision. But admits, administrators didn’t know what the expression meant. Superintendent Kim Huckstadt said, “Not knowing if it was an item that was either in support of or if it was actually derogatory.”

Another student thinks this is an example of Maquoketa High School violating a student’s rights. So, she organized what she’s calling “gay is okay day”.

Read the full article from KCRG Here.

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